Last Thursday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez issued a joint statement officially announcing that they were calling their relationship quits. The celebrity power couple made news when they started dating four years ago. They even got engaged in the Bahamas in 2019. However, they’ve been riding out a pretty rough patch in recent months.

The statement says that J-Lo and A-Rod are better as friends and that they would continue to work together on their shared businesses and projects. The statement also refrained from providing too many details on their split, out of respect to one another’s children.

Incidentally, just a few weeks ago the couple announced that they were “working through some things.”

According to separate sources close to the couple, there were myriad reasons behind the couple’s split. In early March, when rumors about a possible split emerged, a source told People magazine that “it had been a long time coming.” Other sources revealed that having to cancel two weddings due to Covid-19 also put undue strain on their relationship. Besides, Rodriguez’s work in Miami and Jennifer shooting a film in the Dominican Republic meant that the couple wasn’t able to see each other for long periods during Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Despite the challenges, both Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 45 put everything they had into saving and prioritizing their relationship. Rodriguez flew to the Dominican Republic to spend time with Lopez as she was filming Shotgun Wedding and the two had a happy reunion. In her February Allure cover story, Lopez even revealed that the pair were in couples therapy, adding that it was “helpful for us in our relationship,”

Lopez has two children, Max and Emme with Marc Anthony. Rodriguez has two daughters with Cynthia Scurtis, his ex-wife. The blended family had become very close-knit through the course of the relationship.