As 2021 has begun, it’s only normal for us to expect some celebrities to shine brighter than ever. Here are some of the top celebrities who are likely to reign over the entertainment industry in 2021:

1.Actress Julia Garner is ready to take the industry by storm with her new projects

Julia Garner, known for her award-winning performance as Ruth in Ozark, will star as the lead in Netflix’s Inventing Anna, a drama series based on real-life scam artist Anna Sorokin’s case. Garner will also star in You Can’t Win, a film based on burglar Jack Black’s best-selling autobiography.

2. Musician Griff may just become the next face of British Pop

A nominee for BBC’s Sound of 2021 because of her inspiring lyrics, Griff rose to stardom with her debut EP, The Mirror Talk (2019), followed by her singles Good Stuff and Say It Again. Also a creative director, writer, designer, producer, and stylist, Griff is unstoppable in her ascent to success.

3. Actor Nabhaan Rizwan sure has grand plans for 2021

Known for his role on the thriller show The Informer, Nabhaan Rizwan’s first project for 2021 will be The Last Letter from Your Lover, a Hollywood romantic drama. He will also be a part of Station Eleven, a sci-fi thriller miniseries directed by Hiro Murai.

4. Actress Lauren Ridloff is ready to take your breath away with her new projects

Known for her character on The Walking Dead, Lauren Ridloff will now don the role of Marvel’s first deaf superhero in Eternals. That’s not all for Ridloff in 2021—she will also star in The Sound of Metal, a film about a heavy-metal drummer who loses his hearing ability.

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