Being injured isn’t fun. From ice hockey to baseball and every other sport in between, athletes push themselves to their limit every single time. Since they constantly have pressure on them to succeed, it’s not uncommon to see them take breaks due to health issues or injuries.

A majority of health issues and injuries aren’t the end of the world for most athletes, and they can normally continue performing and training as they nurse themselves back to health. Unfortunately, other times, health issues may just end an athlete’s career. However, this is unlikely as most of them have professional doctors and trainers who are by their side 24 hours a day until they bounce back, and sometimes even after. 

Simone Biles conquers all for the win!

Take Simone Biles, for instance; she continued to dominate the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships despite being admitted to an emergency room with a kidney stone.

This talented Olympic gymnast wasn’t practicing for the qualifying rounds just hours away. Instead, she was tweeting from a hospital bed.

“Nothing like a late night ER visit less than 24 hrs before world championships. This kidney stone can wait…. doing it for my team! I’ll be gucci girls,” said Simone.

After getting the doctor’s diagnosis, she chose to wait on removing the stones so she could compete in qualifying gymnastic rounds in Qatar.

“I actually have not had it removed yet, just got the diagnosis and information about it.” 

We will deal with it after world championships! fingers crossed it stays okay!!!” said the ex-Dancing With the Stars contestant on Twitter.

Keeping a positive attitude is a must for Biles

Simone Biles maintained her cheery disposition in interviews with the Associated Press and USA Gymnastics. She said, “I heard rollercoasters might help kidney stones. I’m like, well, I’m basically like my own little rollercoaster out there.”

“We had to go to the ER because I’ve been having stomach pains on my right side for two days, and we started to think it was my appendix, so we just wanted to go as a precautionary, and then we got tests done just to see what it was, and then they found a kidney stone. Even when I’m walking or doing some stretches, I’m in a bit of pain, so adrenaline helps,” she told USA Gymnastics.

Just hours after the emergency room visit, Simone placed the highest for the beam, floor, vault, and individual all-around during the qualifying rounds. Biles also placed second on the uneven bars. Simone proceeded to the finals for all four events and the individual all-around event as well.