Nickelodeon’s teen comedy iCarly ran from 2007 to 2012 for six seasons. Starring Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, the show followed a group of friends who create a webcast. Now the first two seasons of the crowd favorite can be streamed on Netflix, delighting nostalgia-seeking fans and gathering new ones into its fold. 

Along with Miranda Cosgrave, who before iCarly was known for her role as Megan on Drake & Josh, the show also stars Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay, Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson, and Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett. While you can stream the original show on Netflix, fans are also looking forward to a revival of the show on ViacomCBS’s Paramount Plus, where Cosgrove, Trainor, and Kress will reprise their roles.

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In honor of all this Carly Shay fever, we’ve put together five fun facts about the show.

1. iCarly was created by Dan Schneider whose original idea involved a girl-next-door type character who gets to star in her favorite show. This idea evolved into iCarly when Schneider realized that it would be much cooler if his main character created her show that she could run how she liked.

2. Schneider originally wanted to call his character Sam but settled on Carly after he found out that the URL was already taken.

3.   In 2012, Cosgrove made it to the Guinness book of world records as the highest-paid child actress. At the time, she was earning $180,000 per episode.

4. In one of the episodes on the show, Carly’s older brother made ‘Spaghetti Tacos’. The meal was so unusual that it made it to the Food and Wine pages of The New York Times. It later became a running joke in the show and fans still eat that iconic meal for dinner.5.   Former First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest star on the show. She played herself and also danced on the shows ‘Random Dancing’ bit. She’s the second First Lady to appear on a TV show after Nancy Reagan guest-starred on Diff’rent Strokes.