Oz was at the Newark Airport with his family. His daughter called out to him as soon as she saw an old man collapse. Realizing why his daughter has called out to him, Oz made his way to see what was wrong with the old man. 

Joe was the color of an eggplant. He had foam coming out of his mouth. Oz checked for Joe’s pulse and found there was none. He immediately knew that the first thing he needed to do was get his heart pumping again. Oz knew that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was the way to do so. So, he started giving Joe chest compressions. He knew a broken rib or two was better than a lost life. 

Soon enough, Joe’s heart started to work. By the time an ambulance reached the airport, Joe had gained enough senses back to know where he was. 

Joe had a heart condition before this incident. It was an issue he dealt with in 2006 requiring a bypass graft because of a blockage in the middle of an artery. With no blood passing through, it was no surprise that Joe collapsed. And that he needed someone to shock him back to life.

Oz and Joe met recently. And Oz asked Joe how he felt. Joe replied that he felt fine. 

Oz says it’s great Joe feels fine especially because on that fateful day he could have lost his life.

Oz goes on to tell Joe he’ll always be emotionally connected to him. Joe, who remembers nothing about what went down, thanked Oz for what he did that day.

Oz further says that one could learn the CPR technique by doing a short course. And he urges people to learn that as it could possibly save a life someday. 

CPR steps – quick reference 

1. Call for an ambulance or 911 before you start attending to the patient. 

2. Lay the person on their back on firm ground. 

3. Open their airway by tilting their head. Let the mouth be slightly open. 

4. Interlock your fingers and place your hands on their chest. 

5. Perform 30 chest compressions.

6. Perform two rescue breaths.

7. Repeat until an automated external defibrillator (AED) or an ambulance arrives.