Meghan made sure to think before speaking
Meghan maintained eye contact though she often took a moment to think before answering. Even if brief, her eyes which were downcast for a second or two before her answers, gave this away. 

 Donaldson explained, “When someone looks away from the person they are speaking to, it tells us that they are concentrating on exactly what they are saying. “Meghan was honest, but this gesture means she was also concerned with expressing herself in a way she could be proud of.”

Meghan comforted herself while she reflected on her past.
While Meghan recounted her experience meeting the queen for the first time, she revealed that she did not know how to curtsey and learned just a few minutes before the meeting. She rubbed her leg, as she narrated this incident. While this might seem like a casual move, Donaldson says that Meghan was actually comforting herself, explaining “When we rub our extremities, it’s a self-soothing gesture—it’s used to calm ourselves down,”. The experience was clearly an extremely memorable one that still evokes strong emotions and the leg rub was used to self-soothe. 

Meghan was transparent while discussing their new life.

Meghan discussed how she is currently enjoying living more authentically with Harry. She also revealed that they got married 3 days before the lavish wedding was televised and aired for the world. While doing so, Meghan flipped her hand over and revealed her palm —a move Donaldson says reveals honesty.

Harry felt stressed a few times throughout the interview…
Harry fidgeting by playing with his ring was a reflection of what was going on inside, as he answered questions about his father and his son. He used the move to relieve a bit of tension, Donaldson revealed.