Want to know what the world looked like back in the day? Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we take you back to historical events and scenes where you can almost hear people talking. These fantastic pictures capture unbelievable moments in history and will probably make your jaw drop. Let’s jump in!

Jamie Lee Curtis right before Halloween

More than 40 years after she starred in the original “Halloween,” Jamie Lee Curtis is still regarded as the ultimate horror movie actress.

Christie Brinkley rocked the 1980s style

Christie Brinkley’s a model, actress, and entrepreneur. Christie gained fame with her appearances in the 1970s Sports Illustrated Issues. She was on three consecutive covers starting in 1979. 

Young Demi Moore

Here’s an old photo of Demi Moore, the leading lady in “Ghost.” The movie helped her career take off. 

Ivanka Trump with her dad, Donald, in the back of a limo

Here’s a photo of Ivanka Trump and her dad, Donald Trump. In this photo, she looks pleased and proud to be with her father.

The crew of the Challenger, right before boarding on January 28, 1986

On January 28, 1986, the crew boarded the Challenger for what was supposed to be a routine launch. Just a few minutes into its flight, disaster struck, and seven lives were lost. This eerie photo is one of the last known pictures of the Challenger crew.