The beach is great for relaxing and frolicking in the sun, sand, and water. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Whether it is crazy photobombers, tide pools, or even just gravity — these are some funny photos where things just didn’t go right at the beach.

Up, up, and away! 

Credit: Pinterest

It’s a happy day at the beach for everyone but these kids! They’re about to get an essential but brutal physics lesson that will have them dreaming of revenge. Years from now, they will look back at this photo and laugh about their epic wipeout at the beach, but for now, they’re probably still too sore to crack a smile.

Look mom, I made it!

Credit: Imgur

This man may have graduated from high school a while ago, but it’s better late than never to be part of the “cool” club! For one glorious moment in his life, he finally became one of the popular girls. We have no doubt that this man believed his antics were hilarious, but we’re not so sure what the young ladies felt.

Hello, Friends! 

Credit: Pinterest

Making new friends can be challenging, but making new interspecies friends is even more complicated—especially when you’re poisonous. This guy is trying his best to fit in with these women, but they’re not having it! We don’t blame them for being wary of him though, as he does have a long stinger.

Pearls look good on anyone

Credit: Pinterest

Who wears pearls to the beach? This gator, for sure! We’re not sure how or why someone would take this picture, but we are glad they did! This gator was clearly trying to show off its fabulous pearls to impress other gators at the beach. It just got caught in the wrong hands.


Credit: Facebook

Frisbee is a pretty straightforward game, but it’s clearly much more complicated than this person thought! Hopefully, she survived this brutal encounter without broken bones or other injuries. Sometimes it’s better to sit back and enjoy the beautiful beach views than to dive into the action.

The beach is overrated!

Credit: Imgur

Why spend your beach time in a crowded ocean when you could have your own private pool? The children look pretty young to go into the waters, but bringing a kiddie pool to the beach?! It’s the weirdest thing we’ve seen yet! At least they don’t have to worry about sharks while playing in their pool. 

Bad dog! 

Credit: Pinterest

Having a special heartwarming moment? Well, not on this dog’s watch! 

You might think bringing your dog to the beach would be fun, but this photo will probably change your mind! Should this happen to you, be thankful you’re at the beach, so you can wash yourself off in the water.

What is that smell?!

Credit: Reddit

If you get a chance to ruin someone else’s serious beach photo by adding your humorous contribution, do it! She was probably furious, but this prank photo is hilarious! However, if you don’t want to end up with a ridiculous picture like this while taking a cheesy self-portrait, make sure you do the writing yourself. Can’t trust anyone these days.

If you thought Jaws was scary…

Credit: Reddit

Jaws ain’t got nothing on this creature. With its long neck and tall stature, the giraffe is a unique animal not commonly found strolling on the beach. But on this day, it was a rare sight. It’s not clear why people find giraffes so scary, but these beachgoers clearly know something that we don’t—do you?

Law has no mercy

Credit: Reddit

As much as it pains us to say, sometimes the law just needs to take its course, even if you’re a horse. Seems like this bronco, who has gotten into a bit of trouble, will learn that lesson the hard way when he gets behind bars. Remember to be good, kids!