Hulu has just released its March lineup of shows, reality TV, movies, and documentaries. In the interest of saving you from becoming one with your couch (you’ve still got bills to pay), we’ve run our expert eye over the list and come up with four pieces of Hulu streaming you don’t want to miss.

Pretty Woman (1990), March 1st

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have fantastic chemistry in this well-told, 90’s take on a Cinderella story. Start the month off right by leaning into the nostalgia of this cult classic.

Good Girls, Season 4 Premiere, March 8th

In the series premiere of Good Girls, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta play three small-town suburban mothers, who rob a grocery store to make ends meet. They pull it off but then find themselves caught in a vast crime ring run by a cold-as-ice drug lord. The show has had three action-packed seasons so far. It may sound like a hammy caper, but this show has got a lot of heart, nuance, and incredible performances. The season 4 premiere of Good Girls comes to Hulu on March 8th, so you’re going to want to strap in for a fun ride.

Kid 90, Documentary Premiere, March 12th

Kid 90 features the raw footage from actress Soleil Moon Frye’s video camera from the 90s. The documentary serves as a perfect time capsule of what life was like to be a child star in Hollywood and New York. Since the footage from Frye’s camera captures a world before instant social media fame, it’s a revealing walk down memory lane and an intimate exploration of who we all used to be before the internet changed the way we live.

Pooch Perfect: Series Premiere (ABC)

Can Reality TV get any more bizarre? It can. Let us introduce you to the BBC show Pooch Perfect. This is a competition where talented dog groomers compete to give fantastic runway-ready makeovers to extremely shaggy dogs. If you loved every single word of that last sentence, you’re going to love binge-watching this Hulu show.