The Academy Awards are the premier event for film and cinema to be celebrated and recognized. The only thing that comes close to the buzz surrounding the actual awards is the hype surrounding the red carpet. The Academy Awards red carpet is where bold and iconic fashion statements are made with leading Hollywood celebrities donning outfits by leading fashion designers as the world and media look on. While this extreme scrutiny can often mean that celebrities choose to play it safe, 2020’s attendees bore a pleasant surprise for viewers with their fashion choices.

Fashion themes that were prevalent throughout the year were further highlighted at the iconic ceremony. Penelope Cruz revived a spring/summer look from Chanel’s 1995 haute couture collection, lighting the night up. Natalie Portman, in her characteristic manner, chose to make a feminist statement in a Maria Grazia Chuiri embroidered cape with the names of female directors that weren’t recognized by the Academy woven into the fabric. 

Sustainable fashion also got the spotlight with Kaitlyn Dever’s Louis Vuitton selection. And the age-old tradition of risque choices wasn’t overlooked, with Scarlett Johansson turning up in a transparent corseted Oscar De La Renta. In a nutshell, this year’s edition continued to be a celebration of Hollywood’s glamour, along with its cinema. 

Here, we explore the top 20 fashion choices from the 2020 Academy Awards:

Regina King in Versace 

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