Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain are the stars of a television series about the partnership of country music legends Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Take a look at the actors who are playing the famous country duo. Do you think casting did a good job?

Jessica Chastain as Tammy Wynette

Jessica Chastain plays Tammy Wynette in the series “George & Tammy.” Wynette was born on May 5, in Mississippi. The singer was named Virginia Wynette Pugh at birth. Wynette worked as a cotton harvester and later enrolled in a beauty school. In 1965, the mother of three started making trips to Nashville in an attempt to begin a career in music and secure a record deal.

Jessica Chastain has been involved with the development of the show since 2011.

“I’m very protective of them, and I can’t imagine anyone else playing her, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing George, which was why I called Mike. I know how protective Mike is of the characters he plays, so it just felt like the right recipe for a working environment,” said Jessica. 

Michael Shannon as George Jones

Michael Shannon plays George Jones. In 1955, Jones rose to fame with the release of “Why Baby Why” and eventually became one of country music’s biggest stars. Wynette was Jone’s third wife. While on the outside, they were stars of country music, behind the curtain, their marriage was challenging due to substance abuse.

“I think that the important thing to remember is George and Tammy themselves conveyed so much pain and beauty and sorrow and joy and happiness and all of this emotion in their vocals, and that’s what we wanted to capture with Michael and Jessica,” said showrunner Abe Sylvia. 

David Wilson Barnes as Billy Sherrill

David Wilson Barnes plays Billy Sherill, an Epic Records producer who signed Tammy.

Billy worked closely with Jones for nearly twenty years. Sherill supported him while recording “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” a hit song. After signing Wynette in 1966, the duo had over twenty songs top the country charts. 

As per the Country Music Hall of Fame, Billy wrote or helped to write many of Tammy’s most popular songs. This includes 1968’s “Stand By Your Man.”

Steve Zahn as George Richey

Steve Zahn plays George Richey’s character. Richey was a songwriter, producer, and friend of Tammy, whom she married in 1978. George was Wynette’s manager right up until she died in 1998.

Jessica Chastain is particularly excited to work with Steve Zahn. She said, “I’m excited Steve Zahn will join the project. I’ve loved him ever since Happy, Texas, and really admire his recent work in The White Lotus. I’m so grateful to have such talent for our exploration of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.”

Pat Healy as Don Chapel

Pat Healy plays Don Chapel, Tammy’s second husband and songwriter. When Wynette first met Jones, she was still married to Don, though their union lasted only fifteen months.

Their marriage ended after George Jones confessed his love for her to Chapel himself in front of Tammy. It turned out that she felt exactly the same way and the couple left with her three children that very night.