Simple Kids Crafts
Here’s a channel that offers 700+ how-tos – this includes everything from doll furnishings to bottle-cap tops. Most activities do not require too many materials, nor does it require much time or expertise, so you can get started immediately.
Best for: Young kids

The Brain Scoop
A quirky educational channel, The Brain Scoop offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of a natural history museum. The very entertaining and knowledgeable Chief Curiosity Correspondent Emily Graslie hosts trips to the animal prep lab, demonstrations of earth science concepts, and explanations of animals and species. The “viewer’s discretion” disclaimer and  “grossometer” on each video will help you decide if it’s age-appropriate for your kid.
Best for: Tweens

Learn a wide range of concepts in a minute! Want to know how the sun works? Want to know more about the nature of gravity?  Each episode simplifies complex ideas using a combination of illustration and voice-overs. The perfect way to make science relatable and fun!
Best for: Older kids

Smart Girls
Smart Girls is an uplifting space where girls can bond and hang out together. It features Q&A vlogs with actress Amy Poehler, interviews with female celebrities, a snapshot of girls’ lives around the world through virtual tours, and even the “Boy’s Minute”, all designed to affirm girls’ value in society.
Best for: Older tweens

having paint dripped on heads to dancing on treadmills, this is a four-man band that is willing to do anything that’s ‘cool’. Elaborately choreographed videos feature everything from Rube Goldberg devices to optical illusions and a host of other visual tricks. They also explain how shots were filmed.
Best for: Teens